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LaFraise contest tshirt designs for printing

The graphic contest from La Fraise is one of the best on the Internet and is just up there with threadless or designbyhumans. They have some of the “cleanest” models, with playful themes and cute characters. The ideas behind the tshirt designs vary from innocent and colorful to dark and scary. They normally  have a penchant for rather basic geometrics and cromatics. The next designs are some of the ones running in the classic competition . For all of their submissions, go to their site and don’t forget to also check out the blog where they have some other custom-made t-shirt ideas.
thriller by eownreckoningAminated Zombiesnyctophobienow what? by VomariaL’astonauteLogan? by Gproddream of sheepbubblesAllan PetersAll night longWe also had a look at those out of the competition and managed to select interesting designs that could still work. See?
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